Swift reaction after accident deserves notice

Published 9:53 am Friday, August 12, 2016

The derailment of a train at International Paper’s Franklin Mill on Tuesday morning was, most thankfully, an accident limited only to the cars and rails, not people.

For reasons yet to be determined, several cars toppled over onto another train on a track next to it.

Not only were people unharmed, there were no reported environmental hazards created as a result of the accident.

IP, CSX and the Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Department, along with cooperation from other responders, acted quickly and professionally. We appreciate that a place for media was soon established to answer questions.

We’re also grateful that all involved were trained, prepared and acted immediately to deal with the situation. That, to us, shows the level of commitment by both the companies involved (IP and CSX) and law enforcement/first responders.

Perish the thought that something like this — or worse — will happen again. But if it does, we’re confident that the reaction will also be swift and effective.