Rock Church soccer camps offer more than games

Published 11:56 am Thursday, August 11, 2016

Danny Dillon, co-pastor at Rock Church of Franklin reported another successful season of soccer camp.

“Super Kids Soccer Camp is one we put on for Rock Church in place of our Vacation Bible School,” he said. “In that camp, we do soccer drills, mainly we do songs about love and kindness, and read Bible Stories each day. Really, we just make it an outreach to help kids to fall more in love with God.”

This particular camp, now in its eighth years, is for children ages 4 through 12.

Dillon added that church members volunteer to help, and usually some former soccer players assist for this camp and the other.

The Elite 58 Soccer Camp, now in it’s sixth year, is for youth ages 7 through 18.

“This is more intensive and mainly for advanced players,” he said, adding that players come from local schools and all over. “Roughly 50 kids participated.”

Partners in this group were Clay Hyatt of Parks and Rec; Jamie Weist and himself.

“I played for Liberty University. Jamie for VMI and Clay for North Carolina Wesleyan. We have both the college experience and at local schools.

“We push them [the players] and they understand that. We try to teach sportsmanship, godly values, being a good teammate and working hard. We’re just trying to raise the next generation that wants to work hard, have the discipline and love God.”

Two years ago, the soccer complex was completed at the church, located at 130 Lakeview Drive.

Now the congregation is working on designing a gym that Dillon said would also be available for community use. Basketball, cheerleading, soccer and volleyball camps could be featured.

As pastor and a coach, Dillon said, he wants “to help make all schools and neighborhoods stronger. We’ve already paid the architect to get it rolling. We have to raise a good amount of money.”

The hope is to begin construction in 2017.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the project may contact the pastor at 562-3878.