Rawls Museum premieres joint exhibition

Published 9:30 am Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Rawls Museum Arts opened a new joint exhibition displaying work from artists Jeannine Peregrine and Anna Velkoff Freeman on Friday.

Peregrine’s exhibition, titled “Postcards from Everywhere,” consisted of collages and mixed media.

“I’ve lived in Suffolk for about 11 years, but I’ve lived in a lot of other places too,” she said. “I miss those places so I wanted to pay homage to them.”

Each of Peregrine’s work bears the name of a place she has made her home, including California, Virginia, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

“I try to be a painter, but the paintings don’t really turn out the way I want them to,” she said of her process. “So I tear the failed paintings up and I turn them into collages.”

Freeman presented her “Bees and Bots” collection, compiled of mixed media paintings on paper and wood panel, as well as ceramic pottery and sculpture.

“I love working with clay,” she said. “I love how it smells and how you can bring in drawing on the surface of the ceramics and different textures. And then I like to paint because I can do larger drawings.”

Each painting or ceramic depicted a bumblebee or a robot.

“I chose those subjects because people have positive associations with them — honey and flowers for bees and technological help for robots — as well as some fearful associations. Bees sting and the automation of industry drives a lot of fears about losing jobs,” said Freeman.

“I just like how they both have beneficial sides and something a little darker about them as well,” she concluded.

Leigh Anne Chambers, executive director of RMA, expressed her satisfaction with the exhibitions.

“I’m so pleased,” she said. “Both artists created these bodies of work specifically for this show and this venue, so all the work has been completed within the last year or so.

“We chose to show these artists together because they are very sensitive to the medium that they use and they’re both very detail oriented and I think the art works well together.”

Both exhibitions will remain on display until Sept. 9.

RMA’s next joint exhibition will premiere on Friday, Sept. 23. That will feature Martha T. Jones’ collection “Beta Series and Intersticism: Paintings 2013-2016,” and Santa De Haven’s “Movement and Memory.”