A full day of rides and thrills at Kings Dominion

Published 9:00 am Saturday, August 6, 2016

Anaconda, Dominator, Intimidator, Delirium, the Crypt and Drop Tower were the main words spoken on July 29 as the youth and staff of the Franklin Summer Super Jam made their annual trip to Kings Dominion.

Those words used were the names of the top thrill rides of the park that the youth boldly rode and many more during their visit.

To note, that the Intimidator 305 is one of the tallest, fastest and most thrilling roller coasters on the East Coast.

Many of the youth attending the trip seemed to divide their time between the rides and the Soak City Water Park of the 4,000-acre theme park.

There was not that much movement/talking on the bus as the exhausted group traveled back to Franklin.

The Franklin Summer Super Jam program is sponsored by the Franklin Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Virginia & the Franklin Department of Parks & Recreation.