The Franklin Police Department appreciates the public’s support

Published 10:03 am Friday, July 15, 2016

To the Editor:

I guess you never really know how many friends you have until you fall on hard times. The month of July does not really qualify as hard times, but tragic times for those of us in law enforcement. The loss of five of our brothers in one single event as well as several others being seriously wounded — not only in Dallas, but also across the country — would make anyone in this profession second-guess their commitment.

It seems that tragic events in this country have the effect of bringing out the best in our fellow man, and the citizens of Franklin have demonstrated to us their best. Over the past couple of weeks, citizens have overwhelmed us with acts of kindness and support. People have stopped by the department as well as approached officers on the street to offer their thanks and words of support. Individuals have anonymously paid for officers’ meals, people have brought food to the department and local businesses have also contributed meals as well as their thanks for what we do.

I had the privilege of speaking to some kind people from a local business who brought in lunch for the entire department. Out of curiosity, I asked them why? Their response, ‘Just because. We appreciate all that you do.’ With the support of our city government, citizens, businesses, local churches and our neighborhood watch groups, we are truly blessed to be officers that protect the City of Franklin. With the level of support that we know we have by the vast majority of citizens, our law enforcement family will remain strong and we will continue to serve.

I speak for every man and woman within the Franklin Police Department when I say thank you for your support and kindness.

Capt. T.W. Whitt