Isle of Wight Commonwealth’s Attorney comments on Dallas shooting

Published 10:03 am Friday, July 15, 2016

To the Editor:

The Commonwealth Attorney’s Office would like to express its deepest sympathy for the entire Dallas Police Department. We stand in solidarity with all law enforcement across the nation through this time.

The senseless slaughter of law enforcement grabbed all of our attention as we woke this morning [Friday, July 8]. Officers were gunned down while protecting the right to peaceful protest, running toward gunfire despite the fact they were the targets.

It is important in times such as these not to speculate or sensationalize. We must reject the divisive, harsh rhetoric we are encouraged to take in. As a people, we possess a stronger bond than inflammatory speeches.

The American Spirit can and will overcome this seemingly senselessness situation. The American spirit can and will overcome the dreary darkness that has tried to settle in our hearts.

For now, we stand emboldened by our rightness, ready to protect the people of Isle of Wight from any danger. I implore all officers in Isle of Wight to be brave, to be loving, to be compassionate and to be watchful. I implore all citizens to be fervent in prayer for all law enforcement, and all those affected by last night’s tragedy.

Georgette Phillips
Commonwealth’s Attorney

Isle of Wight County