Cross-country tour renewed optimism, enthusiasm

Published 10:01 am Friday, July 15, 2016

To the Editor:

I was disappointed to read the editorial in today’s Tidewater News [Sunday, July 10] and the front page of the Virginian-Pilot about the sorry state of affairs into which our country has sunk. And the articles were surely deserved.

However, I just a couple of days ago returned from a 22-day, 25-state trip around the north-central and western United States; and it renewed my optimism and enthusiasm about our country. What a huge country we have (I drove 7,800 miles.); and how beautiful it is! And it contains so very many nice, friendly people.

I viewed sites and visited places I had dreamt of seeing for years, four major national parks, Mt. Rushmore, the scene of Custer’s Last Stand and Dodge City, Kansas.

During the trip I watched virtually no television and read less than one whole newspaper. I caught snatches of “breaking news” on television during breakfast at some of the motels at which I stayed. It is disheartening to return to the real world and catch up on all the daily shootings and terrorist bombings. Nevertheless, I’d like to remind myself and others that there is still gorgeous scenery in our country to be enjoyed and nice people whom we would be proud to call neighbors.

Holt Livesay