Land Transfers

Published 12:18 pm Saturday, July 2, 2016

Southampton County


Michael Williamson to Stephen Williamson of 32482 Jenkins Mill Rd., Franklin, one-quarter interest of 183.76 acres, Hardy District, $23,000
Lawrence Keith and Ashanta Rogers to Ashanta Jewette Rogers, 109 McCutheon Street, Franklin, $0.
Jason A. Dunn to Michael Baker, 208 Fernwood Farms, Chesapeake, $2,750.
Jason A. Dunn to Rose and Gourdine LLC, 25490 Woodland Park Circle, Courtland, $3,600.
Elizabeth B. Metts to Kitchen Properties LLC, 180 Bobwhite Lane, Franklin, $298,000.
Jason A. Dunn to Ralph and Robin Gainey, 3104 Mercantile Street, Chesapeake, $2,000.
Edmond J. Johnson to Richard C. and Annette Edwards, 113 Beechwood Drive, Franklin, $0.
Raymond Lee Hassett to Jeffrey S. Early, 113 Hunterdale Road, Franklin, $162,500.
Shiva VA Holdings LLC to Jai Bhole LLC, 101 North College Drive, Franklin, $965,000.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Edward Dieckert Edward, 131 Country Club Road, Franklin, $45,000.
George L. Kindred to Anthony J. Robinson, 113 Pocahontas Lane, Franklin, $108,000.
Hannah Earley Toler to Antonio D. and Shaunqei Person, 105 North Drive, Franklin, $0.
Barbara G. Wade to Kimberly W. Marks, 30442 Ed Street, Franklin, $0.
Ruth Ann Edwards Story to David and Sons Incorporated, 18710 Wakefield Road, Courtland, $426,000.
Neil C. Bennett to Paul and Shelby Christensen, 11253 Ivor Road, Ivor, $184,900.
Gregory Jones to Gregory and Chester Jones, 23251 Angelico Road, Capron, $0.
Deutsche Bank National Trust to Slagle Properties LLC, 25403 Tennessee Road, Drewryville, $37,000.
Brandon Keeter to Mark and Ciarra Chaisson, 22418 Homestead Lane, Franklin, $195,000.
Herley Williams to Constance Conlay, 1103 Stewart Avenue, Hopewell, $0.
Samuel I. White P.C. To Barbara W. Joyner, 35490 Burdette Road, Franklin, $23,301.
Samuel W. Stephenson to Vance J. Stephenson, 16030 Wakefield Road, Courtland, $0.
Cindy Bosher to Gin Phil LLC, 318 72nd Street, Virginia Beach, $20,000.
Michael Barlow to Robert and Jennifer Prashaw, 15402 Black Creek Road, Zuni, $265,000.
Robert Lowe to Robert and Patricia Lowe, 31361 Unity Road, Sedley, $0.
Brian Lee and Kathy Steelman to Spencer L. Fillhart, 39102 Warrique Road, Ivor, VA 23866, $264,000.
Trustee Services of Virginia to Gene Edwards, Jr., 29258 Little Texas Road, Branchville, VA 23828, $20,446.