America needs to wake up before it’s too late

Published 12:10 pm Saturday, July 2, 2016

I am not intellectually astute as to the meaning of a traitor or who a traitor really is. And evidently I neither know the meaning of the act of treason. But with what I do know about those two acts as described as traitor and treason, it should be brought to mind at this time.

When did this nation get to the place Trump or anyone else for that matter, can talk about the President of the United States of America in the most disrespectful and derogatory way, and everyone else in the world is weak and stupid and don’t know what they are doing?

Who does he think he is? Why hasn’t he been challenged about the disgraceful way he is representing this nation?

America knows he’s spewing out a lot of hot air, but to have leaders and people in other countries hear such outrageous rhetoric is like a betrayal of our country. Where are the decent people in high places that know the laws and constitutional rights and wrongs that have been respected and protected for other presidents throughout the years, long before Donald Trump was born?

In the 94 years of my life, I have never heard of so much lying, slandering, scandalizing, misrepresenting, misquoting, falsifying information and, over and all, just a mouth blabbing out anything that comes up comes out and he doesn’t care how false and malicious it is. Where does he get the idea he can just make statements to people saying “Oh, we are just going to be so great.

Oh, we have so many people that are just so happy to support me and oh, we have raised millions of dollars in one day,” just blabbing rubbish.

All of it adds up to the same as in the beginning: He had so much money, he didn’t want anyone’s money, if anyone just wanted to give him money he would give it to charities.

Too bad if the charities are depending on that money.

I have heard him say several times on the media that he knows more about ISIS than the generals do.

Why not send him over there to take care of his buddies?

That’s another one of his things he can’t tell us about because he wants to be unpredictable; he has to keep his smart to himself.

The truth is, his whole soul, body and mind is unpredictable.

For the sake of this nation, someone needs to step up to the plate and save the nation from a great businessman that has no concern for the country but for “HIS Trump Country.”

Where are all the lawyers, senators, congressmen, preachers, educators, religious leaders, judges, justices, journalists, editors or whomever, that has any sense concerning the safety and welfare of the nation?

It appears that some people still have such deep-rooted racial problems.

They will listen to anyone and anything.

Just like the new guy on the block, in an effort to defeat Hillary Clinton thinking she is too closely connected to the current President, Barrack Obama.

Is Congress still so angry and full of hatred that they would rather have someone totally ignorant of what is required to be the president of the United States?

Will they still sit on their seats doing nothing regardless of who the president happens to be?

Wake up, people! A do-nothing Congress and the world’s richest dummy will be a dangerous combination.

There will be so many fences built with your money you won’t be able to ever visit where he may not want you to go.

RUBY H. WALDEN describes herself as a “Concerned Lifetime Citizen of Suffolk, Virginia.” She can be reached at 657-6478 or