A country of possibilities

Published 12:15 pm Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Fourth of July is the one holiday that all Americans, regardless of race, creed or color, can celebrate in unity.

We rejoice to be living in a country where the values of intelligence and hard work — and a little luck — can take a person far in the world. Our history is rich with men and women who’ve fulfilled personal ambitions dreams that also benefitted the nation. It can still be said that this is the country where anyone can become president. And without facetiousness of any kind, we will see that again come true on Election Day.

Speaking of which, Americans continue to enjoy the right to vote, even if it seems too many don’t take advantage of this hard-fought right. This holiday is an excellent time to think on what our duties are as citizens.

Voting, becoming involved in our communities through service and defending our country from foes both within and without our borders immediately come to mind.

We’re hopeful that the weather will be clear for everyone to enjoy the day of cook-outs, parades and picnics, followed by an evening of dazzling fireworks to mark this day.

Yes, there’s undeniably a lot wrong in this nation, but our problems are not as insurmountable as we might choose to believe. We just have to unite to overcome them. There’s also a great deal that’s good and true and right about America, and you are an excellent example at this point in our time.

We live in a country of possibility. If there’s really a better place to live, we haven’t heard of it.