Resident disagrees with PETA’s views about Bear Path Acres

Published 5:09 pm Friday, July 1, 2016

To the Editor:

The Tidewater News quoted a PETA spokesperson’s comment that “PETA encourages everyone to steer clear of Bear Path Acres and all other roadside zoos.”

Bear Path Acres exists because there are orphaned, injured and abused animals. They don’t showcase wildlife for fun and sport. Mankind’s irresponsibility and carelessness pave the way to their ‘roadside’ door. As this state licensed center cares for these animals, their hope is to release them to their natural habitat. When that isn’t possible, then Bear Path Acres provides love and care as a forever home for animals with little or no chance of living elsewhere or otherwise.

Upkeep and improvement of the grounds are ongoing at the zoo. Visit and see the place. Talk with the staff. Bear Path Acres is a federal and Commonwealth of Virginia-licensed zoological park. They and the USDA maintain communication regularly.

So PETA, not a government authority, issued their organization’s opinion. Research and visit Bear Path Acres. Research PETA, too. See what you think.

Priscilla Self