Believing that desperate situations make people resort to desperate measures

Published 11:14 am Wednesday, June 29, 2016

To the Editor:

To whomever found it necessary to steal the 100 pound, 4 foot by 14 inch silver cylinder propane tank from my mobile home, I pray that your desperate need has been met. The Windsor Police officer who took my report confirmed that the department has no record of any such crime of theft ever having been committed in our friendly, quiet and peaceful community.

If you’d asked, I would have gladly found a way to rally friends and neighbors to help you secure the gas you needed to cook your food or to do whatever you so desperately needed for your family.

But instead, you chose to commit a trifling, mean-spirited, evil, brazen and cowardly act to trespass on my property and blatantly take something that was not yours.

Your dastardly deed will come back to haunt you, if not now, then sooner or later. I wish you no harm, but God does not like ugly. What goes around, does eventually come around.

Peace be unto you.

Desiree P. Urquhart
A disappointed and disheartened resident of Windsor Manor Mobile Home Park.