Land Transfers

Published 10:29 am Monday, June 6, 2016

Southampton County


FVI Inc. to Pavel Halstead, 601 Pace Street, Franklin, $129,000.

Samuel I. White to Clinton A. Smith Sr., 317 Pearl Street, Franklin, $39,000.

William and Drew Mountcastle to Alvante C. Benton, 304 Willis Road, Franklin, $209,400.

Hampton Roads Development LLC to BMW Land LLC, 600 Thimble Shoals Boulevard, Newport News, $0.

Susan W. Branche to Michael L. and Sylvia Livesay, 112 Bobwhite Lane, Franklin, $220,000.

Travis Will Evans to Samantha L. Cole, 112 Holly Cove Street, Franklin, $147,990.

Thomas K. Fink to Eddie Powell, 309 Edwards Street, Franklin, $52,250.

Samuel I. White to JPMorgan Chase Bank, 611 West Second Avenue, Franklin, $247,831.

L. Daniel and Sharon W. Morgan to Thomas R. and Anne B. Speight, 209 Robinhood Road, Franklin, $214,000.

First Title and Escrow Inc. to Timothy E. and Anglica D. Reid, 599 Second Avenue, Franklin, $13,500.

Franklin Properties VA LLC to Kevin Roughton, 120 Bowers Road, Franklin, $340,000.

Doris Miggins to Wanda Yvette Wilson, 1601 South Street, Franklin, $0.

Holt M. and Judith W. Livesay to Darryle and Agnelette Griebel, 117 Sunset Drive, Franklin, $310,000.

Currin Patterson Parters LLC to Capview Income and Value Fund, 109 South College Drive, Franklin, $1,120,000.

Alan W. Edwards to Wendy Unison Pace, 23363 Hanging Tree Road, Courtland, $187,000.

William H. Gillette to Jacob E. Gillette, 21545 Rock Spring Road, Courtland, $135,000.

Adrian Brooks to Morris A. Conaway, P.O. Box 31, Courtland, $16,000.

Samuel S. and Hazel C. Banks to Evalina Banks Powell, P.O. Box 133, Franklin, $0.

Christopher J. Collins to Dennis L. Kriggel, 23177 Shirley Court, Courtland, $85,000.

Rural Development to Jawanda Deberry Newsome, 16144 Southampton Parkway, Capron, $22,000.

W.M.S. Wirt Construction to Scott B. and Elizabeth N. Belcher, 22163 Harvest Drive, Franklin, $273,000.

Margaret E. Griner to Johnny Daniel Linares Abreu, 15057 Ivor Road, Sedley, $230,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Terron Cooper, 23185 Homestead Lane, Franklin, $195,000.

Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs to Amanda L. Crumpler, 20112 Nottoway Lane, Franklin, $59,900.

Richard A. and Kimberly Littman to Virginia M. Smith Living Trust, 12260 Pinopolis Road, Boykins, $32,000.

Kenneth Aaron Bumgarner to Butter Bean Farms LLC, P.O. Box 618, Courtland, $0.

First Title and Escrow Inc. to The Sparkmaster 5 Company LLC, 21436 Main Street, Courtland, $40,000.

Tammy Cook Stephenson to Michael A. and Kimberly Gup, 32361 Unity Road, Ivor, $222,000.

Juanita Lutz to Lori Le Collazo, 24374 Unity Road, Zuni, $0.

Juanita Lutz to Lori Le Collazo, 5973 Duane Road, Ivor, $0.

Juanita Lutz to Lori Le Collazo, 34328 Unity Road, Zuni, $0.

Paul Camp Marks Farm LLC to Bobby Marks Farm LLC, 19461 Buckhorn Quarter Road, Capron, $129,738.51.

Iola H. Joyner to Kelly Wayne and Janie H. White, 22203 Sedley Road, Franklin, $146,500.

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Thomas E. and Margaret J. Ewald, 22128 Cross Keys Road, Newsoms, $90,000.

Kevin S. and Kristi L. Sutton to Harper A. and Annie R. Thompson, 6521 Patterson Avenue, Richmond, $335,000.

Nathaniel Francis Farms to Jeffrey K. Francis Inc., 1408 Blue Heron Road, Virginia Beach, $0.

Wendy Unison Pace to Eston A. and Wendy Pace, 23363 Hanging Tree Road, Courtland, $0.

Steven L. Brown to Newport News Shipbuilding Employee, 3711 Huntington Avenue, Newport News, $85,695.59.

Bobby L. Bedingfield Jr. to Britton C. and Julia M. Hager, 28493 Darden Point Road, Courtland, $235,000.

BDDH Properties LLC to James Pope III, 29408 Deer Trail, Courtland, $152,000.

Sidney E. and Judy M. Wilson to Samuel and Shakeita Godette, 32367 Riverdale Drive, Franklin, $15,750.

Scott B. and Mariah C. Belcher to Charles D. Drewry, 20193 Sycamore Avenue, Sedley, $162,000.

Earl Keith Edwards to Robert Edward Copeland, 636 Saddlehorn Drive, Chesapeake, $180,000.

Rodney A and Heather Holland to Rodney A.. Holland, 17541 Wakefield Road, Courtland, $0.

Wayne D. and Candace Saunders to Karl B. and Ginger L. Presson, 26079 Shady Brook Trail, Courtland, $239,900.

Marvin R. Wise Jr. to Dennis E. and Anita H. Cutchins, 21710 Bethel Road, Franklin, $232,000.

Herman Douglas Paschall to Timothy J. Edwards, 34169 Unity Road, Zuni, $265,000.

Floydette Edwards Ewing to Gregory Scott Edwards, 29258 Little Texas Road, Branchville, $0.

George N. Sawyer Jr. to Arthur O. Baker, 19015 Black Creek Road, Franklin, $267,000.

Arthur O. Baker to Arthur O. and Ashley N. Baker, 19015 Black Creek Road, Franklin, $0.

Kenneth P. Kirkland to Alexander H. Bowman, 23109 Main Street, Capron, $41,500.