Don’t think of it as defeat

Published 9:57 am Friday, June 3, 2016

Since the Supreme Court ruled from on high last week that the redrawn congressional districts must stay put, there’s likely been — and continues to be — some hand-wringing and lamenting by people that the law of the land didn’t go their way.

Please stop the boo-hoo-hooing, and instead dry your tears.

True, Congressman Randy Forbes of the 4th District has already announced he’s heading to District 2. Should he be elected there, he’ll do there what he’s always been doing: still looking out for Virginia and still working for the country. Isn’t that what really matters?

The Court stated that Republican Representatives Rob Whittman (District 1) and Dave Brat (District 7), “have not identified any record evidence to support their allegation that the redistricting plan has harmed their prospects of reelection.”

If the candidates still feel otherwise, they, and their supporters, will simply have to work that much harder to stay in office. Isn’t that what we should expect of our congressmen and women, that they continually prove their worthiness through service to the people?

So now that the city of Franklin and Isle of Wight County are in the 3rd District, Democratic Congressman Bobby Scott will also have to demonstrate that he’ll be good for those localities. Challenger Marty Williams will need to convince voters to maintain a Republican presence for that area.

Southampton County, which stays in the 4th District, has the luxury of four candidates, two Democrats, Donald McEachin and Ella Ward, and two Republicans, Mike Wade and Jackee Gonzalez. They, too, must work to earn the residents’ trust and votes.

That’s as it should be, and it’s ultimately good for all of us.

The primary election is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14, with the general election taking place on Tuesday, Nov. 8.