The downward spiral

Published 10:12 am Wednesday, June 1, 2016

By now, most everyone is aware of the unfortunate event that took place at a Cincinnati zoo over the weekend when a 4-year-old boy somehow fell into an animal enclosure with a 450-pound silverback gorilla named Harambe.

Zoo officials, fearing for the boy’s life, shot and killed the gorilla.

It was undoubtedly a difficult task for the zoo workers who spend their days caring for animals to have to intentionally take one’s life. They have already acknowledged they would make the same decision again.

They should, given the choice they made was to sacrifice an animal to save a human.

And this, of course, is where the story should come to an end. But it’s 2016 in America, so of course, it is not.

As of mid-afternoon Tuesday, over 360,000 people had signed an online petition at the website called Justice for Harambe, demanding that the child’s parents be held accountable for the gorilla’s death.

Here are a few excerpts from the petition:

“This beautiful gorilla lost his life because the boy’s parents did not keep a closer watch on the child.”

“We the undersigned believe that the child would not have been able to enter the enclosure under proper parental supervision.”

“It is believed that the situation was caused by parental negligence and the zoo is not responsible for the child’s injuries and possible trauma.”

“We the undersigned want the parents to be held accountable for the lack of supervision and negligence that caused Harambe to lose his life.”

“We the undersigned feel the child’s safety is paramount in this situation. We believe that this negligence may be reflective of the child’s home situation. We the undersigned actively encourage an investigation of the child’s home environment in the interests of protecting the child and his siblings from further incidents of parental negligence that may result in serious bodily harm or even death.”


Protestors have already started to surround the Cincinnati Zoo, holding signs that say things like, “Justice for Harambe” and, no joke, “Protect the animals…Keep brats out of the habitats.”

God help us all.