Windsor budget open for comment

Published 10:59 am Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The public is invited to comment on the Town of Windsor’s proposed $1.78 million budget for Fiscal Year 2016-2017. The meeting will start at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 26, in council chambers; this date is a change from the one previously announced after details of the draft budget were presented.

There are actually two hearings, the first being for people to speak in favor or opposition to the proposed Capital Improvements Plan. That includes expenses of more than $1,000 to deal with improvements to sidewalks, public buildings, public lands, public services, public streets, public utilities and public safety. As an example of the latter, there’s a proposed $21,000 to replace the computers in police vehicles, as well as $10,000 for a generator at the station.

Adding a part-time year-round position has been requested by maintenance, which could help keep hours down for other employees. There would be no other new programs than that suggested one.

The second hearing allows for people to speak for or against the offered budget.

Town Manager Michael Stallings has publicly stated in the past that there are no proposed tax increases, But, the water rate would increase from $7 to $7.25 to keep up with depreciations.


Earlier this month, the majority of council voted to update its firearms ordinance. The town manager explained that several months ago, a resident had expressed a desire to provide a place for people to shoot firearms on his property, and asked for an exception.

The only speaker at the hearing on the issue was Felton Beale who wondered if his property was zoned for shooting firearms, chiefly at squirrels. Those, he said, have become “a terrific problem.

Mayor Carita Richardson asked town attorney Wallace Brittle to check into regulations regarding nuisance laws.

The change to the code (70-3) is that now “No person shall discharge a rifle of any kind within the Town limits, “except black powder rifles and rifles chambered in rimfire .22lr.”

“What you’re doing is actually relaxing the law,” said Stallings.

There was no discussion by council members on the matter and and all but Flemming said yes.

• During Council’s discussion of residents’ concerns, Beale came up again and said he’s been having a problem with washouts on his property. He thinks the pipe is decaying from age and so the asphalt caves in. He said he was told that the pipe could be fixed, but not the asphalt. The town manager said he’d research the matter.

•The town is also going through process of reviewing and updating town code by sections, some of which have become irrelevant. For example, Section 14 on the fire department. This could eliminated since that’s no longer under town control. “Plus there’s stuff that’s been on the books forever,” Stallings said.

Although the May concert was washed out, the next one comes up on Friday, June 3. The Rhondells are scheduled to perform.