A bullet has no conscience

Published 11:10 am Saturday, May 21, 2016

by Bob Trainor

About a month ago there appeared an article in The Tidewater News about a shooting in Ward 4. I will quote that article: “A city employee, while working, observed a subject arguing with another person who was in the 100 block of Langston Court” said Whitt. “The suspect pulled out a gun and fired it at the person he was arguing with. The bullet missed the intended victim and struck a house.”

Further, it went on to say, “Officers attempted to interview some people in reference to the event, however, they were uncooperative.”

I checked with Captain [Tim] Whitt before writing this and no progress has been made on this case after one month.

Several things struck me as tragic and they are as follow;

1 – There was a bullet fired and it could has just as easily hit a person sitting on the porch or playing in the yard. That it did not is most fortunate, but it could have been your sister, brother, parent or a grandmother.

2 – The fact that a young man pulled a gun to settle a dispute is bad enough, but he used it and got away with it causes me to speculate that he will do it again. If he did it once he will probably will be emboldened to try it again. Who wants to take that chance in Ward 4, or anywhere in Franklin? This thug is not a role model.

3 – There were several witnesses to this event, even a city employee, and no person has come forward or used the anonymous police hot line to identify the thug. At the very least someone could come forward so the police can get that gun, so it can do no harm.

4 – Everyone is aware that bullying is frowned upon in school yards and most everywhere nowadays, but in Ward 4 there is a big time bully loose, only he has a gun.

5 – The Franklin Police came because there was a shooting. They did not arrive to settle a domestic dispute, boosting of a TV or someone smoking a doobie. They responded to a major life-and-death type incident and should have received instant cooperation.

6 – I believe that part of the responsibility of our political leadership is to protect the safety of their constituents. The ward system is at the heart of our political process and where elected Ward leaders have the most interaction with individual citizens. There were over 150 Ward 4 individuals who participated in our latest election, and yet not one of these involved citizens has cared enough to step forward.

7 – The people of Ward 4 should demand that its current leader and/or its new leader to scour their ward and get this guy’s name and give it to the police. (I am pretty sure that the name is common knowledge in the ward and it would take very little effort to get this thug’s name.)

8 – Ward 4 population cannot complain of violence in their neighborhood, if they will not root out at least the most violent types that are at the heart of the problem. If a tragedy occurs, will they blame the police, who had arrived to protect the Ward 4 folks?

And finally why should get involved. I write this as I was taught that I, like many of you, to be responsible for your own actions, and to right a wrong if we can. Few of us change thing at the national level, but at the Ward level we should vote and watch out for our neighbor. I believe it is my duty to try to effect the outcome of this incident and perhaps make a difference by encouraging the Ward 4 leaders to lead.

While I was in Orlando three weeks ago it was reported a little 8-year-old girl was killed by a stray bullet while playing outside her house.

Remember, “A bullet has no conscience.”

BOB TRAINOR is a resident of Franklin.