Don’t give thieves any opportunities

Published 8:34 am Friday, May 13, 2016

Last week, we reported on a burglary of a house on Deer Trail Drive. Thanks to the alertness of a neighbor, Southampton County Sheriff’s deputies were informed and quickly came to the scene. After a chase — of course — the suspect was soon apprehended, arrested and charged. In that instance, TVs and other valuables were reportedly among the would-be loot.

But there are thieves who look for something no less valuable and certainly more deadly: firearms.

You might also recall our recent report that the Franklin Police are urging that people not leave weaponry in their cars, especially if the vehicles are going to be unlocked for any length of time. Criminals usually don’t need but a few seconds or minutes to do their dirty work.

The recommendation comes after an apparent increase in the number of firearms in the city, and these were said to be in cars parked at the homes.

If you must keep a pistol or file in your vehicle, secure it out of sight. A stolen gun might be an inconvenience to you, but that same weapon could be used against another person, sometimes with deadly force.