Land Transfers

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Southampton County


Fannie Mae to Ronnie and Jasmine Ricks, 600 Walnut Street, Franklin, $51,000.

Zenobia Antornet Almara Geary to John Andrew Geary, 301 Hunterdale Road, Franklin, $0.

Edith Miles to David and Vivian Lyons, 14 Pirates Cove, Hampton, $27,000.

Kathleen Gardner Jacoc Simms to George and Angela Walker, 303 First Avenue, Franklin, $31,500.

Doris Bailey Bryant to Tenecia Walton, 101 Page Street, Franklin, $139,000.

Betty Leigh Vaughan to David and Pamela Lease, 217 Queens Lane, Franklin, $65,000.

Nationstar Mortgage to John and Sharon Demarr, 1409 Clay Street, Franklin, $0.

Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs to Robert Johnson, 100 Woodland Circle, Franklin, $149,550.

Kevin and Roberta Bowman to Edmond Johnson, 109 Beechwood Drive, Franklin, $315,000.

Dale Birdsong to Kevin and Roberta Bowman, 2420 Ocean Shore Crest, Virginia Beach, $296,000.

Germanos Defense Services Inc. to William Mark Boyette, 31446 Rogers Drive, Branchville, $20,000.

Krystle Luvell Kitchen to Will Roger Kitchen Jr., 3238 South Shore Drive, Smithfield, $0.

Rita Barnes to Virginia Applewhite, P.O. Box 95, Drewryville, $0.

Rochell and Mamie Cutchins to Michael and Lowe Cutchins, 20126 Drake Road, Franklin, $0.

Charles Reed and Joy Weir to Charles Reed Weir, 29179 The Hall Road, Branchville, $0.

Clark Johnson Builders LLC to John Walter and Dawn Spring, 32345 Oberry Church Road, Franklin, $25,000.

Robert Lee Cutchins to CUT Enterprises LLC, 108 Homestead Lane, Franklin, $0.

Community Energy Solar LLC to Southampton Properties LLC, 14528 Davis Lane, Branchville, $0.

Southampton Properties LLC to Ricky and Dora Gurganus, 16465 Barrow Road, Capron, $350,000.

Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs to Carla Renee Lassiter, 18298 Virginia Avenue, Boykins, $46,000.

Sadie Urquhart to Steven Lee and Mary Howell, 117 Pioneer Road, Suffolk, $26,000.

Patricia Grant to Deborah Rice, 36060 Seacock Chapel Road, Zuni, $90,000.

Joanne Bryant to Anthony Scott Bryant, 14306 Old Joyner Road, Capron, $0.

Timbervest Partners Virginia to Cheoenhaka Nottoway Indian Tribe, P.O. Box 297, Franklin, $550,000.

Timbervest Partners Virginia to Cheoenhaka Nottoway Indian Tribe, P.O. Box 297, Franklin, $0.

Stephen and Rebecca West to Timothy and Mary Parrish, 20385 Governor Darden Road, Courtland, $130,000.

Parson Homes Inc. to Marvin and Geraldine Wise, 21710 Bethel Road, Franklin, $42,000.

Cheverly Limited LLC to Jeremy Everett, 19204 Lakeside Drive, Courtland, $150,000.

Joe Nye Wiggins to LWB Real Estate LLC, 32482 Schoolhouse Road, Franklin, $130,200.

Sadler Brothers Oil Company to Joseph Blake Blythe, P.O. Box 809, Winton, North Carolina, $450,000.

Joesph Blake Blythe to Sadler Brothers Oil Company, 517 North Main Street, Emporia, $450,000.

Lloyd Whitley Day to Maxine Day Hollowell, 1117 Clay Street, Franklin, $0.

Patricia Beale Milteer to Walter Michael and Shirle Beale, 105 Regatta Lane, Smithfield, $20,000.

Kenneth Williams to Andre Hill, 24317 Bryant’s Church Road, Capron, $0.

James and Irene Bulls to Jill Dover, 29439 Hunter Point Road, Courtland, $23,000.

Elizabeth Whitehead Deberry to Raymond Drake, P.O. Box 44, Newsoms, $12,000.

Bobby Jo Lester to David Joel Lester, 1117 Nolan Avenue, Virginia Beach, $0.

Deborah and Billy Sutton to Kevin and Katie Lackey, 9017 Jasmine Lane, Suffolk, $0.

Pender and Coward P.C. To Joesph Blake Blythe, P.O. Box 809, Winton, North Carolina, $434,500.

Matthew and Brandy Johnson to Brandy Johnson, 21275 Dixie Farm Road, Franklin, $0.

Samuel White P.C. To JPMorgan Chase Bank, 30345 Maple Avenue, Sedley, $131,200.

Hillary Gunn to April Carr, 27020 Flaggy Run Road, Courtland, $69,000.

Leslie Turner to Rose Edwards, P.O. Box 306, Littleton, North Carolina, $40,000.

Robert and Micha Marks to Carl Evans, 11233 Fortsville Road, Drewryville, $18,500.

Patrick and Susan Boyle to Susan Boyle Revocable Living, 21447 Hill Point, Franklin, $0.

William Gillette to William Gillette Et Als, 17375 Old Belfield, Capron, $0.