Town mayors stay put

Published 10:26 am Wednesday, May 4, 2016

As the result of Tuesday’s election, the incumbent mayors in four Southampton County towns will stay in place. Newsoms town leader, however, remains unknown until the registrar’s office confirms the votes this week.

For the mayor’s seat, the state electoral board showed there were 50 votes (100 percent) written in for the two precincts; and for council, 169 votes (100 percent).

Joseph Steward, who said he was one of two mayoral write-ins, added he knew that Vanless Worrell was another candidate. Steward added there was supposedly a third person, but he couldn’t confirm it. Worrell could not be reached for comment.

•In Boykins, R. Spier Edwards Jr. was reelected mayor with 128 votes (84.77 percent) in the two precincts; there were 23 write-in votes.

On Town Council: Linda E. Beatty (102 votes; 15.84 percent); Daniel Boone (73 votes; 11.34 percent); Tasha R. Clemons (46 votes; 7.14 percent); Samantha P. Dowd (83 votes; 12.89 percent); F.W. “Freddy” Felts (83 votes; 12.89 percent); James “Hank” Fuller (73 votes; 11.34 percent); Carolyn C. Modlin (96 votes; 14.91 percent); and Jerry Rice (83 votes; 12.89 percent); there were also five write-in votes.

•In Capron, William Kitchen IV was also reelected mayor with 15 votes (100 percent); there were no write-in votes.

On Town Council: William Davis (15 votes; 18.07 percent)’ William G. Jarratt Jr. (13 votes; 15.66 percent); Sharon K. Jones 14 (14 votes; 16.87 percent); Erma W. Joyner (14 votes; 16.87 percent); Deborah B. Starke (14 votes; 16.87 percent); and Reginald Vaughan Sr. (13 votes; 15.66 votes); there were no write-in votes.

•In Courtland, Danny Williams remains mayor with 39 votes (100 percent); there were no write-ins.

On Town Council:

Ward 1: Rheila A. Johnson (10 votes; 31.25 percent) and Maxine Darden Nowlin (22 votes; 68.75 percent)

Ward 2: Jason C. Fowler (9 votes; 40.91 percent) and Jerry Morgan (13 votes; 59.09 percent)

Ward 3: Lou Anne Davis (7 votes; 53.85 percent) and Stanley Piersa Jr. (6 votes; 46.15 percent); there were no write-in votes for any of these seats.

•In Ivor, Sandra “Sandy” Vick also remains the mayor with 33 votes (100 percent); there were no write-ins.

On Town Council: Ryan H. Ballinger (31 votes; 17.42 percent); C. Merell Carl Jr. (32 votes; 17.98 percent); Wayne “Junkyard” Clark (26 votes; 14.61 percent); Bobby Crumpler Sr. (28 votes; 15.73 percent); Richard H. Hickman (30 votes; 16.85 percent); and Thomas H. “Tommy” Pittman (31 votes; 17.42 percent); there were no write-in votes for any of these seats.

All totals are unofficial until the registrar’s office completes its canvassing to ensure accuracy of votes.