No new taxes proposed in Windsor

Published 1:48 pm Saturday, April 30, 2016

The draft budget for Fiscal Year 2016-2017 is $1,780,729, with no increase in any taxes, said Windsor Town Manager Michael Stallings. He presented it during a council work session on Tuesday afternoon.

Stallings did add that an increase in the water rate is proposed “to keep up with depreciations.”

The current rate is $7 per 1,000 gallons, and could be $7.25 per 1,000 gallons. This, he added, would generate about $25,000 within the water fund.

Capital projects includes $21,000 for police technology. That amount would go toward replacing computers used in the officers’ cars. There’s also $10,000 set aside for a generator at the police department. Stallings said he would look for grants to defray costs.

“Last year, council added a part-time employee in public works. The maintenance supervisor is asking for another part-time year around position,” he said. That would give more man hours per week, and keeps hours down for the other employees.

Councilman Tony Ambrose asked what would be the work responsibilities, to which Stallings suggested reading meters, cutting grass and cleaning sidewalks. The maintenance supervisor would ultimately define the roles. Mayor Carita Richardson suggested the worker could also maintain flower beds and the sites where town signs are located

While there’s been no dramatic change, the town manager said none, but the need is there for strong backs.

Salary increases would be at three percent for town employees with the exception of chief R.D. Riddle. He would get five percent “recognizing him for his outstanding work,” Stallings said.

A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24, and a vote is anticipated to take place at the June meeting.