Transparency needed

Published 10:34 am Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When something happens at the scholastic or government level that local residents should be made aware of, it is this newspaper’s job to seek the truth and report it as thoroughly as possible. It is beneficial to all parties involved when relationships are formed with local leaders, but it is also appropriate for this newspaper to question their actions when warranted, whether they’re in charge of children, the county’s budget or paving the path for the future.

When the news we seek to uncover is deemed not newsworthy by whomever from which we request or solicit information, it becomes increasingly difficult for this newspaper to relay the news in either a timely manner or, quite frankly, at all.

It also becomes clear at that time that those people have no interest in transparency.

This is why the Southampton County School Board’s search for the next superintendent is of the utmost importance. The person whom the board members ultimately select will set the district’s priorities and determine its path for years to come.

Upon arrival, the new superintendent needs to be transparent with the students, parents and other county taxpayers.

It’s their right to know what happens in Southampton County Public Schools, and we’re hopeful that they will make a commitment to building trust with the community and this newspaper.