Hey, Boo Boo

Published 10:07 am Friday, April 22, 2016

The United States National Park Service turns 100 years old this week. To celebrate, every park across the country is offering special programs and free admission through Sunday, April 24.

“We have an amazing variety of special events taking place during the centennial,” National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis said. “Some commemorate our first hundred years, but many others look toward the future — to the next 100 years — and will help connect with and create the next generation of park visitors, supporters and advocates. It is through them that American’s lands and stories will be preserved and passed on to future generations.”

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends, there are several local national parks nearby. The Great Dismal Swamp and Back Bay national wildlife refuges are practically a stone’s throw away, while Shenandoah and Fort Hunt national parks are worth packing an overnight bag.

If you can’t travel this weekend, you’re still afforded the opportunity to view America’s wonders year-round. Google has created an easy-to-navigate web page were users can overlook far-off majesties such as Old Faithful is Yellowstone or the volcanic lava flows at Idaho’s Craters of the Moon.

However, we encourage you to put down your smart phone and enjoy this weekend’s 70-plus degree weather in a national park. Who knows, you may even see a bear foraging through someone’s picnic basket.