Cupcake pageant approaching

Published 10:16 am Friday, April 15, 2016

The 2015 Southeast Miss Cupcake Queens reigns will be over soon, as the next pageant is approaching. -- SUBMITTED

The 2015 Southeast Miss Cupcake Queens reigns will be over soon, as the next pageant is approaching. — SUBMITTED

The third-annual Southeast Miss Cupcake Pageant is scheduled to take place on Sunday, May 1, at 3 p.m. at the Suffolk Center for the Cultural Arts. The pageant, which is for girls ages 6 to 16, has added some new details and aspects from the previous years.

“We have added an interview portion,” Director Brittany Cobb said. “That’s never been done before.”

Although the pageant doesn’t happen until that Sunday, the girls participating have a whole weekend of events to attend and enjoy.

“We have a welcome party the Friday night before all the contests,” Cobb added. “It’s a time for everyone to have fun and get to know each other. We also pass out their goodie bags then.”

Cobb, who grew up in Windsor, currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where she runs her company.

“I grew up doing pageants. I started when I was 5 years old. It was something my mom and I enjoyed doing together,” Cobb continued. “I moved to Las Vegas in 2007. I competed here twice and then I started my own company, Fit for the Crown.

“Now I’m involved in coaching and the producing part of pageants,” she said. “My mom encouraged me to bring it to Virginia. She’s been the backbone of it since I can’t be there full time. It’s been a really fun experience.”

Cobb’s mom, Karla, is also the official photographer for the pageant and does the entire pageant production.

Her mom isn’t the only one who helps though. She noted that it is a family event and her dad, sister and aunts all help along with close friends and sponsors and people who contribute prizes and cash donations.

“It’s neat for me. I am able to come back home and contribute something to my home state and the area that shaped me while growing up,” Cobb added.

This Miss Cupcake Pageant has eight divisions: Wee Miss (12 to 23 months); Tiny Miss (2-year-olds); Mini (3-year-olds); Petite (4 to 5-year-olds); Little (6 to 7-year-olds); Young (8 to 9-year-olds); Preteen (10 to 12-year-olds); and Teen (13 to 16-year-olds).

Along with the interview portion of the pageant, the girls will compete in fun fashion and beauty wear.

“Fun fashion is basically an outfit of choice that shows their personality and style. It’s the upbeat portion of the pageant,” Cobb continued. “Beauty wear is more elegant, where they ware the formal pageant gown, and shine and show off their natural beauty and confidence.”

The opening of the pageant will also be different than it has been in previous years. This year the participants will be wearing an outfit representing what they want to be when they grow up. They will come to microphone, introduce them selves and explain their future career choice.

“This is a way to help the girls gain onstage speaking experience and the judges get to see their personality,” she said.

Cobb also added that this is an all natural pageant, explaining that it complete opposite of the T.V. show “Toddler and Tiaras.”

“My whole mission is to be an example and provide an opportunity for young girls and ladies to grow in their own skin, build their self-confidence and build on skills that will ultimately prepare them for other things in life,” Cobb continued. “We also encourage a lot of community service.”

This pageant is for any girl within the age range who live in the Southeastern States. In the past, girls throughout Virginia and North Carolina have participated, but any who live in the southeastern states are welcome.

Although there are several sponsors that help put the pageant on, the Grand Cupcake Sponsor is Arrowhead Environmental.

All contestants will receive goodie bags, a participation medal and a small cupcake crown. The overall winners for each division will receive a package that has their crown, custom trophy and sash, a $100 cash prize, flowers, photo shoot, certificate and a variety of other prizes.

There is also an overall winner for the contestant who received the highest points. That winner gets a huge prize package, an 8-inch crown, a $200 cash prize and several other items.

As of right now there are 22 girls signed-up to participate in the pageant, but there is still room for a few more. For more information, contact Cobb at or visit the website at