Soft skills, the skills you need

Published 10:53 am Friday, April 8, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, Smart Beginnings hosted its annual breakfast at which a panel of speakers made up of education leaders discussed the initiatives they are taking in their schools to prepare students for the workforce, as well as college. The one thing they all have in common is that they are heavily concentrating on helping students with soft skills.

Something like this is a wonderful thing to hear because regardless if the student is planning on furthering their education or not, soft skills are required in the workforce.

Some of the soft skills the local schools are working on with students are communication, presentation skills, public speaking, interviewing, strategic planning, teamwork, collaboration, adaptability, problem solving, conflict resolution, critical observation and so much more. Every situation you come across in your adult life will require one or more of these skills.

These skills not only help people get a job, they also help them keep it.

In today’s society, it’s not enough to be trained in a particular skill. Something has to set you aside from everyone else applying for the same job, and these soft skills do just that.

According to several career websites, such as and, soft skills are something that managers and business owners look for when hiring a new employee. These skills let the employers know that you have the capability to work well with others, take feedback, manage your time, etc.

When students are applying for college or applying for a job, these are skills they need to include in their resume and cover letter. It looks good, and just like the hard skills, they shows off your accomplishments.

Graduation is near for seniors, and you are all planning your future. We encourage you to take these skills that you have learned while in high school and use them on whatever path you are planning on taking next. They will always be useful, and they will put ahead in life.