City of Franklin Spring Amnesty Week approaching

Published 11:23 am Friday, April 1, 2016

The City of Franklin Department of Public Works and The Department of Community Development have announced that Spring Amnesty Week will be Monday, April 4, through Friday, April 8. In an effort to assist city residents, these days are set aside by the city to allow resident owners and tenants (current city customers only) a temporary pardon to rid properties of unsightly accumulations of trash, junk and debris without cost to residents for pickup and removal.

The following items may be placed at the curb for pickup during this week on your regular trash day:

• Unused objects from the yard such as lawnmowers, containers, old tires, etc;

• Unused objects from the home such as appliances, furniture, TV’s, etc; and

• Unused deteriorated building materials and firewood.

Any items placed at curbside should be left in neat piles adjacent to the street. Please be mindful of obstructions when placing those items to allow for safe collection by our crews. Obstructions can be parked vehicles, power poles, overhead utility lines, mailboxes, fire hydrants, signs, trees, hedges or any fixed object that interferes with the safe collection of the items places at curbside.

No demolition debris, trees over 6-inches in diameter, lot-clearing materials, paint or other hazardous materials will be collected. Limbs must be cut to ordinance lengths (4-feet) and piled neatly at curbside. Please call 562-8564 if you are in doubt about any items before placing them at the curb.

Items not available for pickup by the City, many be carried to the SPSA Transfer Station on Route 671 (General Thomas Highway). The phone number for the transfer station is 420-4700, ext. 527.

For further information regarding amnesty week, please contact Franklin Public Works at 562-8564.

Fall amnesty week will be Oct. 3 through Oct. 7.