County Farm Bureau using mini-grant to promote agriculture

Published 9:24 am Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Greensville County Farm Bureau educated children about agriculture this year with the help of a mini-grant from the White-Reinhardt Fund for Education.

The organization competed with county and state Farm Bureaus across the nation for one of 11 grants, awarded annually by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture and the American Farm Bureau Federation Women’s Leadership Committee.

The grant program provides as much as $500 to county or state Farm Bureaus to support new or existing projects that share information about agriculture.

The Greensville Farm Bureau used its grant money for its Renewable Energy Challenge, in which students created models demonstrating how energy can be harnessed from the wind, sun and water for use in agriculture.

“These grants provide an opportunity for our volunteers to educate the general public,” said Tammy Maxey, senior education coordinator for Virginia’s Agriculture in the Classroom program and a member of the AFBFA board. “In sharing agriculture with children, we hope that they will share the information they learn with their parents and other adults.”