McLemore comments on candidacy

Published 12:07 pm Saturday, March 19, 2016

Representative of Ward 3 on Franklin City Council, Councilman Greg McLemore, became a qualified candidate on March 1 for the upcoming mayoral election.

However, he has now come forward with a statement to this newspaper about his candidacy and reasoning for running.

“It impeded upon the very nature of the democratic process when a sole individual appears on the ballot, the constituents of a populous are robbed of the opportunity to make a selection for highest office within a locality. As a result, I have officially entered the race for Mayor of the great City of Franklin,” McLemore said.

“During my tenure, I have taken on federal, state and local government alike and been victorious on all accounts in my efforts to preserve the quality of life for the citizens of Franklin,” he continued.

“It is my goal to unite the council and city around new and innovative ideas in efforts to reduce taxes, utility bills and create an environment in Franklin that is both inviting and enticing to new businesses and residents to aid in the growth of our economy.”

McLemore will be running against Frank Rabil, current Ward 6 representative on city council, for the mayoral seat.

The election will take place in May.