Stay close to home for Easter festivities

Published 10:34 am Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Several local organizations have events planned over the next few weeks to celebrate Easter, with eggs hunts, breakfast, photo opportunities and more for children and their families. Many of these events are free or cost very little.

We encourage you, if you are planning on attending any kind of Easter event with that include activities similar to the ones listed about, attend one that is in our community.

There organizations put in a lot of thought and effort to have these events and make them fun for the families in the community. It is a huge disappointment when parents choose to take their child to the mall and get their picture taken, rather than choosing to do it somewhere close to home.

In small counties such as Southampton and Isle of Wight, and small towns such as Windsor, one of the great things about events is running into people you know that you don’t get a chance to talk to on a regular basis.

Not only will the children have fun at one of the upcoming egg hunts because they will likely have friends there, the parents will have a great time too.

Not to mention, like any other event put on locally, any money spent there will go back into the community. Here is another opportunity to give back to the place so many call home. Let’s take advantage of it.