Mike Duman Chevrolet NCAA Tournament Challenge

Published 7:48 pm Sunday, March 13, 2016

Click here to download the full printable bracket

Click here to download the full printable bracket

The Tidewater News would like to invite its readers to participate in the first-ever Mike Duman Chevrolet NCAA Tournament Challenge. The winner will receive $100 and their picture on the front page of the Sunday, April 10, edition of the paper.

Tournament participants will be announced today at 5:30 p.m. as part of CBS’ Selection Sunday show, and the bracket will be live on tidewaternews.com later that evening; it will also be in Wednesday’s B1 section of the paper.

Brackets must be finished and submitted by Thursday, March 17, at noon, as that is when the first non-play-in round begins; participants get a free pass for the play-in rounds. Submissions will only be accepted by sending the official Mike Duman Chevrolet NCAA Tournament Challenge bracket by email to editor@tidewaternews.com or by stopping by our offices, 1000 Armory Drive, Franklin.

Only one entry is allowed per person.

Scoring is as follows: A correct pick in the First Round is worth 1 point; Second Round is worth 2; Sweet 16 is worth 4; Elite 8 is worth 8; Final Four is worth 16; and the National Championship Game is worth 32 points.

The most combined points is the winner.

Entrants are required to submit a predicted score for the championship game to be used for tiebreaker purposes only.

The differences between the predicted score for each team are added together into a combined total, with the smallest total considered the winning entry.

This contest is sponsored by The Tidewater News, Mike Duman Chevrolet, Don Pancho’s Cantina, Beamon and Johnson’s Automotive Parts and Paint, Cofield’s Locksmith LLC and Creditmax Auto Sales.

It is not endorsed by, associated with or sponsored by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, its members or partners.

Download and print your bracket from this link.