Celebrating music in our schools

Published 10:21 am Friday, March 11, 2016

It seems that every month has several holidays and celebrations associated with it. Some of these are ones that most people don’t even realize exist.

March happens to be Music In Our Schools Month. This holiday was created by that National Association for Music Education. What started out as a single statewide celebration in New York in 1973, turned into a national month-long celebration of school music in 1985.

According to their website, it is “an annual celebration during March which engages music educators, students and communities from around the country in promoting benefits of high quality music education programs in schools.”

MIOSM is celebrated in many different ways. Music teachers often offer special performances, lessons, sing-alongs and other activities to highlight the importance of school music programs to administrators, parents, colleagues and community members.

We hope that the local schools are celebrating this month in their own, unique way.

We feel school music programs are beneficiary to students in several ways, including allowing the students’ creativity and imagination to be able to shine through.

We encourage our schools to send pictures of how they are celebrating this special month to editor@tidewaternews.com.