Supervisors look to prohibit Enviva’s trucks from secondary roads

Published 10:33 am Friday, February 26, 2016

The Virginia Department of Transportation last April approved a request from the Southampton County Board of Supervisors to prohibit through-truck traffic on Rose Valley Road between Enviva Way and Dogwood Bend Road to promote safety and protect the highway from Enviva’s tractor trailers.

Proposed route changes

Proposed route changes

“The intent was to direct all of Enviva’s truck traffic along General Thomas Highway and onto Rose Valley Road between General Thomas Highway and Enviva Way,” county administrator Mike Johnson said.

At VDOT’s behest, the board on Monday adopted a resolution to once again request the prohibition of through traffic, but this time along Dogwood Bend Road and Road Valley Road.

“I was recently advised by VDOT that traffic citations issued by the sheriff’s office for trucks accessing and departing Enviva along the southern end of Road Valley Road from or toward Dogwood Bend Road may be unenforceable because the trucks are not technically passing through Rose Valley Road; they’re turning onto Enviva Way before going all the way through,” Johnson said.

According to the Code of Virginia, Section 46.2-1104, VDOT has the authority to prescribe the weight, width, height, length and/or speed of any vehicle or combination of vehicles passing over any highway, section of highway or bridge constituting a part of the interstate, primary or secondary system of highways.

This is the process by which the roads were restricted last year.