Johnson to run again for Ward 4

Published 11:12 am Friday, February 12, 2016

Linwood W. Johnson III has announced his candidacy to run as the Ward 4 representative in the upcoming election in May.

“Four years of false promises and neglect of Franklin’s Ward 4 have moved its citizens to reject the status quo and seek someone new that will earnestly represent their issues and truly cares for the Ward and the city,” Johnson said. “After hearing this call for change from many of the Ward 4 citizens, I am moved to action and have decided to run to represent Ward 4 on Franklin’s City Council.”

“My campaign will focus on the citizens of Ward 4; making living and working in the ward and city more affordable and safe,” he continued. “I will work to recruit new businesses and better jobs to the Ward and city. I will diligently work to significantly reduce real estate taxes and electric bills. I will also work with our police department to improve public safety, our water department to improve water quality and our recreation department on active programs that will keep our youth safe and away from crime.”

Johnson said that he is an alumnus of Hayden High School, and that he will support making the Hayden Project viable and beneficial for all citizens of Franklin.

“With the help of the concerned citizens of Ward 4, I believe together we can produce the positive change that is required to put the needs of our citizens first, but also maintaining a positive and cooperative outlook for the future of the ward and the city,” he added.

Johnson is CEO of L.W. Johnson & Associates Inc., a financial consulting business, and pastor of New Covenant Outreach Ministries Inc.

Current Ward 4 representative Mona Murphy announced her candidacy for re-election earlier this week. Johnson and Murphy ran against each other for that seat in May of 2012, with Murphy winning 110 to 101.