Murphy to seek re-election

Published 11:03 am Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mona Murphy, current Ward 4 representative on Franklin City Council, has announced her candidacy for the upcoming elections.

“I will be seeking another term as the representative for Ward 4,” she said. “We are currently involved in a number of projects that I would like to see to completion. I want the opportunity to continue my support of the schools, the Hayden projects and the shared services plan with Southampton County just to name a few.

“But by far the the most important reason of all is that my constituents have asked me to run again,” Murphy added.

She then went on to say that if fortunate enough to be re-elected, she will continue her efforts in helping her colleagues on council build a bigger, better and brighter future for the people of Franklin.

“I am looking forward with great expectations with the prospect of serving another four-year term,” she said.

If elected, this would be Murphy’s second term.