Land transfers

Published 10:23 am Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Rudy Kokich to Rudy and Lori Kokich, 113 Carrie Drive, Franklin, $0.

Silver Elder to Shelton B. Elder, 1701 South Street, Franklin, $0.

DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc to CAO Investments LLC, 134 Green Spring Drive, Suffolk, $17,500.

Little Richard Boone to Millard Cole Jr., 725 Oak Street, Franklin, $0.

CR Properties LLC to Joan N. and Johnnie H. Worrell Sr., P.O. Box 1211, Franklin, $16,600.

Joseph Balek to Nelson Ward Poythress, 14108 Davis Lane, Branchville, $170,000.

Larry P. Felts to Norris Harris, 32134 South Main Street, Boykins, $11,000.

Vernon H. and Judy B. Crumpler to Lora C. Taroli-Vinson, 17401 Black Creek Road, Zuni, $0.

Eva D. Linex to Mark A. Clayton, 11447 Tucker Swamp Road, Zuni, $70,000.

Elizabeth Lee Simpson to United Methodist Church, 23118 Main Street, Capron, $0.

Union Mission Holding Corporation to Timothy W. and Kerrie N. Barkdoll, $335,000.

Walter Stephen Tucker to Atlantic Coast Pipeline, 120 Tredegar Street, Richmond, $2,347.25.

Kenneth I. Smith to Atlantic Coast Pipeline, 120 Tredegar Street, Richmond, $884.

Hearkless E. and Elizabeth Simpson to Nancy L. Naigle, 2655 Ivey Tract Road, Drewryville, $295,100.

Kenneth Layton Griffith to Brandon W. Cook, 26238 Wills Circle, Courtland, $180,000.

Ronald Lynn and Claud Welcher to Ronald Lynn Welcher, P.O. Box 11, Drewryville, $0.

Mildred H. Parker to Carlton P. Hawkins, 209 Hunterdale Road, Franklin, $0.

JP Morgan Chae Bank to Greg Dawson, 21483 Main Street, Courtland, $88,000.

Kristen Holland to Latane and Stephen Talley Jr., 23076 Shands Drive, Courtland, $277,000.

George L. Thorpe to Jill and George L. Thorpe Jr., 34251 Monroe Road, Newsoms, $700,000.

Arthur E. Avent to Erin M. Wilkinson, 25110 Sledge Drive, Emporia, $142,994.

Bobby Marks Farm LLC to Michael J. Marks Jr., 22833 Pope’s Station Road, Capron, $10,000.

Annie Mae Knapp Cox to Michael Knapp Cox, 22292 Story’s Station Road, Courtland, $0.

WMS Wirt Construction Inc to Chad W. Hollis, 31440 Rolling Hill Road, Franklin, $285,000.

Elsie L. Martin to Starr I. Yoder, 233061 Quaker Road, Ivor, $0.