Don’t put your money on rodents, media

Published 10:13 am Wednesday, February 3, 2016

During a radio program on Tuesday morning, an announcer declared that Punxsutawney Phil, the renowned American barometer on four paws, did not see its shadow that morning. Therefore, spring will be early this year. This prediction reportedly got the backing of Shubenacadie Sam in Canada, of all places. To think we thought Groundhog Day was just a pastime for this country. But who are we to be selfish?

How anyone determines whether or not these critters can tell the difference between shadow/no shadow is a mystery, but let’s take it on faith. We’re already tired of winter.

Of course, we know better than to truly believe any oversized rodent can predict the weather for six more weeks, much less a day. So there’ll be no betting of our money if Phil or Sam could be right.

Nor will we take bets on who might become the next president based on just one caucus. By the way, our advice is that if you’re a candidate who didn’t make double digits, give it up. America doesn’t love you.

All media directly involved covering this event, particularly the TV kind, are already anxious to call it. ‘It’ being who will end up the presidential nominees for the Democrats and Republicans.

Sure, there are plenty of qualified analysts who can speak with authority on how people are trending or what they might do later in New Hampshire or South Carolina. But we also know better than to take their word. So don’t gamble who will be right.

You’d have a better chance with the groundhogs.