Lack of faith for Main Street

Published 10:38 am Saturday, January 30, 2016

Two weeks ago, an article was published in The Tidewater News regarding an investor looking to revitalize one small town.

The article read, “Deluxe Corporation a Minnesota-based marketing and financial services company, and entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, an investor of ABC’s hit show ‘Shark Tank,’ are looking to revitalize one small town’s main street by infusing $500,000 into its businesses store fronts and public spaces.”

The deadline to submit nominations has passed and, unfortunately, I am starting to doubt the number of nominations the City of Franklin has received, based on the feedback I heard.

I would think that as a community, people would have had a stronger and positive response. But more times than not, I heard responses along the lines of, “It would be a waste of that man’s money,” or “Franklin isn’t a good place for this to happen.”

People are quick to say they wish this area had more stores or there is never anything to do in the area, but when a chance — even if it’s a small one — arises for improvement to be brought to the area, hardly anyone is there to try and help make it happen.

How does anyone expect changes to happen or progress to be made in the area, if the majority is doubting the possibilities?

REBECCA CHAPPELL is a staff writer at The Tidewater News. She can be contacted at 562-3187 or