Master Naturalists invite you to training classes

Published 10:46 am Friday, January 29, 2016

To the Editor:

As the city continues to grow, it is heartening that citizens are taking a leadership role and encouraging the city to take “green” issues more seriously. It is so important that our planners look at the big picture when approving individual projects.

The message from the Nansemond River Preservation Alliance that the health of the Nansemond River is declining must not be ignored. Similarly the concepts embodied in the Green Infrastructure Study, promoted by the Suffolk Green Infrastructure Community Forum, require us to consider the connectivity of green space as seriously as we do our road design.

The more citizens’ voice quality of life issues the better our city will become. A unique opportunity exists for those wishing to become more familiar with the natural world around us and learn how we can maintain living standards without jeopardizing our local environment. The Virginia Master Naturalists annual training classes start on [Tuesday] Feb 2. This series of educational presentations by state experts covers all aspects of our local ecosystem, giving us a greater understanding of how to protect it. Knowledge allows us to make more informed judgments on local issues.

Virginia Master Naturalists become involved in many projects highlighting education, stewardship and citizen science. You may care to join them.

Full details of the series of 14 classes and field trips can be found at

Geoff Payne