Roadway projects receive green lights

Published 11:27 am Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Several local roadway projects received green lights over the last few days, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation: The reconstruction of the U.S. 58 Interchange at Route 742 in Southampton County; the replacement of the U.S. 58 bridge over Route 632 in Isle of Wight County; and the approval for General Thomas Highway Signalization Project in Southampton County.

The Commonwealth Transportation Board awarded a contract for the construction of a grade-separated interchange at U.S. 58 and Route 742 to Curtis Contracting Inc., located in West Point. The job is worth about $15 million.

“Work will start spring of this year and we are excited about the opportunity to be able to provide this interchange for the commonwealth,” said Stephen Ordung of Curtis Contracting Inc.

According to the VDOT website, “The project will eliminate the traffic signal at U.S. 58 and Jerusalem Road, and replace it with a bridge over the U.S. 58 bypass. Loops, a ramp and a spur will be added to create an interchange. The project will also add a right turn along the eastbound lane of the U.S. 58 bypass and will relocate Route 742. These changes will improve safety and traffic flow by reducing conflict points.”

This project is expected to be completed in December 2018.

The CTB awarded a contract to Bryant Construction Inc., to replace the U.S. 58 bridge over Route 632 and the rail tracks in Carrsville. The contract is worth approximately $6.7 million.

Also according to VDOT, “The bridge will be raised to provide the required 23-foot minimum clearance over the rail tracks. The new bridge will have two 12-foot travel lanes and 8-foot shoulders. The approaches will include two 12-foot lanes, a 4-foot median and 10-foot shoulders.”

This project is scheduled to be completed in October 2017.

The General Thomas Highway Signalization Project in Southampton County was approved. This project is to provide signalization of the East and West bound off-ramps from U.S. Route 58, onto Va. Route 671.

“It hasn’t been designed yet, but it scored very well [on Virginia’s Proposed Transportation Projects],” Southampton County Administrator Mike Johnson said. “I’m very hopeful and optimistic that it will be approved for funding this June. The project wouldn’t be a long time frame, looking at a year to get it designed and installed.”

More information on these projects will be reported as they become available.