Keep the season of giving going

Published 11:55 am Friday, January 8, 2016

The holiday season is officially over. I’m not sure whether I am sad about that, or happy to finally be getting back to a somewhat normal schedule.

Regardless, I can’t help but ponder on the thought that since the holidays are over, does that mean the season of giving stops, too?

Unfortunately, for many, I feel like that is exactly what it means.

It’s awful and sad, and a real shame to think that many of us only dedicate one time of year to giving back to others when there are people who need our help and our donations year-round.

It was a such a joy to be able to write about different organizations giving to needy families over the past couple of months. It was also a great feeling to be able to donate food and clothes to different drives, and to drop spare change into the hanging bucks outside of Farm Fresh and Walmart for the Salvation Army.

Perhaps it’s the many eye-opening experiences I have encountered over the last several months, or maybe it is part of growing up that has made me want to help others even more. Either way, I feel that we all — if we are able — should try and give back to the community and to those who are less fortunate than us more than just during the months of November and December.

There are several volunteer opportunities all year round in the Western Tidewater Area that would love to have our services.

Franklin Cooperative Ministries, the Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, the multiple blood drives through the year, the schools and the churches are just some of the few organizations that are always looking for volunteers.

But, sometimes simply taking the time to sit and talk to someone who is having a bad day or is going through a rough time can really help a person out — and that is something we are all capable of doing.

REBECCA CHAPPELL is a staff writer at The Tidewater News. She can be contacted at 562-3187 or