Council appropriates money from post office sale

Published 4:13 pm Monday, December 14, 2015

Council agreed on Tuesday to use money from the recent sale of the neighboring Post Office building and land; a net of $152,000 was realized. During earlier discussions, council requested a part of the money to cover the lost rent as well as the fee to the real estate broker.

The decision was made to appropriate $13,500 for the rent and $4,640 to cover the fee from the lease renewal.

The $133,860 left over was transferred to the Space Needs Fund for future space needs.

In other council matters:

•The members also discussed the possibility of conducting a survey to ask residents how well they think the local government is serving them.

Town Manager Michael Stallings suggested researching to find some organization that perform the research and follow-up, all the while keeping the responders’ identities anonymous.

More specifically, the staff is talking to Christopher Newport University about conducting the survey.

He suggested that focus groups could later be established, and that perhaps the Planning Commission could help facilitate these clusters.

Stallings offered to put together something more formal for presentation in January.

•Councilwoman Patty Flemming and Tony Ambrose gave an update on the renovation of the future community center in town. Being among the volunteers, they reported that the main corridor had been washed and primed. There’s a matter of finishing up some priming before paint can be put on the wall.

Stallings added that a lot has been accomplished, and he’s looking to schedule some more depending on the weather.

•The issue of the flagpole and flag will be included in discussion at the work session next month; council will be reviewing the six-month mark of the budget.