Franklin Broncos girls basketball preview

Published 9:28 am Friday, December 11, 2015

Year after year the Bronco girls basketball team has to rebuild their team due to senior girls or transferring of students, according to head coach Mona Sumblin.

“Each year we have to rebuild our team,” Sumblin said. “We keep losing a lot of players to other schools. That has been a factor on us.”

The constant rebuilding of the team has likely caused the frequent losing seasons in recent years for the Lady Broncos, but this year Sumblin and the players are hoping to turn that around.

“They are working hard every day in practice. They know the knowledge and they know what I expect,” Sumblin continued. “They know the game. It’s just a matter of us all being on the same page on the same night.”

The team has yet to win a game so this season after going 0-fer last year, but they are all hoping to move over to the winning side soon.

“We’re playing well in the first half of the game, but we have to do the long hall,” Sumblin said. “I’m impressed right now in terms of where we are compared to where we were, but we still have to get it all together.

Numbers to Know

1 – The girls function as one team, and each time they play it’s a team effort according to Sumblin. “We have high scorers, but we need everybody to win the game,” she said.

8 – The Lady Broncos lost eight players from last year.  “We’re still repaying from our eight player loss. We’ve been trying to rebuild for a while now,” Sumblin said.


Dec. 5 – Southampton L    44-31
Dec. 7 – Sussex  L —
Dec. 9 – at Windsor  L    36-21
Dec. 11 – Park View
Dec. 14 – Surry
Dec. 16 – Greensville
Dec. 18 – Northampton
Jan. 6 – at Brunswick
Jan. 8 – at ARGS
Jan. 13 – at Southampton
Jan. 15 – at Sussex
Jan. 20 – Windsor
Jan. 22 – at Park View
Jan. 25 – at Northampton
Jan. 27 – at Surry
Jan. 29 – at Greensville
Feb. 1 – ARGS
Feb. 5 – Brunswick