School bus location app soon available in Franklin

Published 11:14 am Friday, December 4, 2015

Franklin City Public Schools have a new app that will be available in the coming weeks to parents, where they will be able to tell the location of their child’s school bus.

This app will not only apply to the bus that takes the children to school and brings them back home, but it will also apply to sports busses that transport the children to and from away games.

“It’s in beta testing as we speak, but we expect it will be available the week of Dec. 14,” said Coordinator of Operations Lawerence Whiting.

This app is called Spot My Bus and it will be less than $17 for the download at iTunes and off of the website,

The app will tell parents where the bus is at and how long before it will be somewhere.

This will be especially nice in the morning during winter months, so children won’t have to stand at the bus stop as long. This will also help parents and schools know when busses are going to be late and let them know the exact location of buses in a case of emergency.

Franklin is the first school system in the region to have this app, but from what Whiting can tell, it is going to become very popular.

“Everyone who knows about it is really excited and they want to see it come out,” Whiting added.

Administration in FCPS are hoping that parents will take advantage of this new app.

“It will really help the parents and it is a win-win for all. This is a service we want to provide for them,” Whiting said.