Franklin schools working on new lunch menu

Published 11:15 am Friday, December 4, 2015

Franklin City Public Schools have a new lunch menu that will soon allow students to vote on their favorite foods and let the schools know what are the unpopular items. The new lunch menu can be accessed through the school website and through its own website,

The new lunch menu is also available in app form and parents can sign up for emails so they are notified every time the menu changes.

“It’s still at the crawling stage, but eventually the lunch menu will tell parents and students ll kinds of information,” Coordinator of Operations Lawerence Whiting said.

All of the offerings for each day are shown on the new lunch menu as well as the nutrition facts. Pictures are being uploaded of these items and eventually all the ingredients in each one will be listed as well. The schools are hoping that this will help parents who have children with allergies.

Once the voting part of the menu is incorporated, the schools will be able to decide what meals they should offer more often and what meals they should offer less.

Whiting said that everyone that has seen the new menu really likes it, but he believes that everyone will like it even more once all of its aspects are available.

“I think the kids will like to vote and we are trying to make it more convenient for the parents,” Whiting said.

He also said that this will help the school system in case they have to change the menu for any reason. Since the menu can be accessed online, they won’t have to print 1,100 copies every time something on it changes.