Land Transfers

Published 10:20 am Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Southampton County


Southern Bank and Trust Company to Whitfield and Family LLC, 43475 Plantation Terrace, Ashburn, $26,000.

L.K. Real Estate LLC to North Main Street LLC, 510 North Main Street, Franklin, $190,000.

Citi Financial Inc to Juan Boone, 614 Laurel Street, Franklin, $26,000.

Saleh Gamal Mohamed to Ashref Hauter, 1400 South Street, Franklin, $50,000.

Dabid K. and Vivan C. Lyons to James Smith Jr., 34291 Lees Mill Road, Franklin, $48,000.

W.M. Camp Jr. to William M. Camp Jr., 30330 Holly Run Drive, Carrsville, $0.

William M. Camp Jr. to Cynthia W. Cotten, 1104 North High Street, Franklin, $0.

Allan Martin to Alvin Lee, 341 Hunterdale Road, Franklin, $168,000.

John Granville and Charity Sheehy to John Granville Sheehy, 1210 Grande View Boulevard, Huntsville, Alabama, $0.

Donald Keith and Shirly Blythe to Donald Keith and Shirle Blythe, 29093 Millstone Circle, Courtland, $0.

Susan K. Blount to David I. and Ashley L. Worth, 22281 Linden Street, Courtland, $93,000.

Sherry D. Taylor to Joyce B. Taylor, 22330 Drery Road, Drewryville, $0.

Franklin M. and Crystal N. Pittman to John R. Leach, 21745 Story’s Station Road, Franklin, $155,000.

Gilbert G. Horne to Donna P. White, 18316 Sedley Road, Sedley, $153,000.

Jimmy C. Willis to the Trust of Jimmy C. Willis, 5200 Bennett’s Pasture Road, Suffolk, $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Teresa M. Allen, 5572 Proctor’s Bridge Road, Ivor, $40,000.

Gary and Jennifer Warren to Sharon D. Kasper, 23084 Homestead Lane, Franklin, $130,000.

Esther W. and Parker Dildy to Veho Corporation, 15445 Cabin Point Road, Courtland, $25,750.

Clifton H. Reynolds to Daryl C. Reynolds, 11516 Tucker Swamp Road, Zuni, $0.

Keith Manley to Timothy M. Morgan, Robert J. Lewis Road, Drewryville, $21,000.

Gwendolen G. Haskell to Catherine Lee Cutchins, 39205 Warrique Road, Ivor, $192,000.

Bobby Marks Farms LLC to Robert F. Marks, 19461 Buckhorn Quarter Road, Capron, $10,000.

Cosme D. and Maria O. Ranay to Raney O. and Denise Ranay, 112 Benham Court, Suffolk, $0.

Joseph Collis to Francis Widmeyer, 33180 Schoolhouse Road, Franklin, $0.

Daniel M. Edwards to Hickory Club LLC, 19570 Rosemont Road, Franklin, $0.

John Clarke Hume to Sashin A. Hume, 20053 Ivor Road, Ivor, $0.

Joshua Clifton-Scott Old to Ariel Lucille Spencer, 29343 Shady Brook Court, Courtland, $0.

W.M. Boyette LLC to Charles E. and Kenya Branch, 26323 Old Place Road, Boykins, $148,000.

Steven R. Whipple to Steven R. and Jill Whipple, 29434 Hunter’s Point, Courtland, $0.

William Thomas Darden to Sunny Acres Farm LLC, 33701 Statesville Road, Newsoms, $0.

Dale Terence Seaborne to Romanuel Lewis, 208 Joynes Road, Hampton, $4,000.

Legacy IV Farms LLC to John W. Best, 25406 Guy Place Road, Courtland, $90,000.

Atlantic Trustees Services LLC to BDDH Properties LLC, P.O. Box 6552,Williamsburg, $71,543.49.

Raymond D. Bryant to Raymond D. Bryant Jr., 26381 Mount Horeb Road, Newsoms, $0.

Renae and Joesph P. Gyoker III to Renee and Joseph P. Gyoker III, 28129 Delaware Road, Franklin, $0.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Michael D. Greenwell Jr., 21577 Black Creek Road, Franklin, $144,316.

Lythie G. Newsome to Sharon J. Callahan, 210 Pamela Drive, Hampton, $0.

Estate of Richard L. Yopp to Shane A. Hartless, 28293 Berlin Dory Road, Sedley, $179,000.

Legacy IV Farms LLC to Gary D. and Marguerite B. Cross, 17126 Mission Church Road, Zuni, $175,000.

Thomas Wayne Chappell to Harlee T. Bell, 22224 Woods Trail, Franklin, $75,000.

John Blount Thorpe III to George L. Thorpe, 24577 Monroe Road, Newsoms, $0.

Yvette F. and Katheryn H. Smith to Wade L. and Kelly D. Beale, 31082 Peachtree Avenue, Sedley, $173,000.

Kenneth L. and Tracey Stallard to Joseph A. and Tammy Stephenson, 9475 Kellos Mill Road, Wakefield, $270,000.

Bobby L. and Belinda P. Porter to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, 120 Tredegar Street, Richmond, $4,468.75.

James Gregory and Belinda Mason to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, 120 Tredegar Street, Richmond, $650.

John T. Forest Sr. to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, 120 Tredegar Street, Richmond, $650.

Henry Olds Jr. to Loretta T. Ennis, 28126 Pretlow Road, Franklin, $94,000.

Donna I. Decker to John B. Burkett, 13123 Rivers Mill Road, Capron, $147,000.

Danny R. Drake to Lawrence W. Edwards, 31179 Country Club Road, Franklin, $45,000.

Bradford H. Whitehead Jr. to Steven C. Powell, 23421 Worrell’s Fork, Courtland, $185,000.

Barbara A. Stone to Lorie L. Davis, 7106 Bell Road, Ivor, $201,583.

Broncos Federal Credit Union to William C. Hatcher III, 28381 Artis Circle, Franklin, $83,000.

Rushmore Loan Management Services to Amanda L. Crumpler, 33347 Edgehill Drive, Franklin, $49,900.

Daniel and Holly Ferrell to Robert F. Steele III, 28058 Beale Road, Franklin, $176,000.

William S. Wirt Construction Inc to Michael John and Sarah B. Voss, 22103 Harvest Drive, Franklin, $290,000.

Kevin R. Wiggins to Jacob W. and Rebecca S. Harper, 103 Park Circle, Franklin, $224,900.

Newsome LLC and Michael A. and Cassie P. James, 26052 Blackhead Signpost Road, Courtland, $70,000.

Christina E. Bosher to Blackbirds Wings LLC, 1868 Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, $0.

Nancy T. Daisy to George L. Thorpe, 34251 Monroe Road, Newsoms, $214,500.

Farmettes Inc to Eva D. Linex, 160 River Drive, Advance, North Carolina, $0.