Good deeds being done in the area

Published 10:52 am Wednesday, December 2, 2015

On Giving Tuesday, a wonderful deed was done in Franklin. Linda Johnson, a resident of Hunterdale, came into The Tidewater News crying tears of joy from the good thing that had happened to her.

Johnson was putting groceries in her car after she had been shopping at Walmart for her and her mother.

She left and got to the stop light by Belk when she decided that she was thirsty and she wanted a drink. That’s when she realized she had left her purse in her cart in the garden area of the parking lot.

Johnson said, “My purse was so full that I couldn’t even zip it up. Everything I had in it was wide open.”

She turned around and drove back to Walmart. She looked for her cart but couldn’t find it, so she ran inside to Customer Service.

After describing her purse to the worker, the Customer Service Manager came out and talked to her. She told her that a woman and her daughter found her purse in the cart and brought it into them.

When Johnson got her purse back she was overwhelmed with joy to find out that nothing had been taken from it.

“That woman did a wonderful thing without asking for anything. I hope she knows how much this means to me and my mother,” Johnson continued. “I hope that I have the opportunity to be so kind to someone some day. This means so much to my family. I thank my heavenly Father for this good thing that happened to me.”

Before she left, Johnson also said that she hopes throughout the rest of the holiday season that The Tidewater News hears more of good deeds being done like this.