Another Verizon tower in the works

Published 10:50 am Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Just two weeks after the Southampton County Board of Supervisors approved a conditional land use permit for Verizon Wireless to build a 199-foot monopole tower near Sebrell, the county’s planning commission will hold a public hearing on Dec. 10 regarding the possible installation of another. The telecommunications provider is looking to build at the intersection of Johnson’s Mill Road and Vicksville Road near Sedley.

“The proposed tower is needed to provide wireless coverage and data capacity in conjunction with the four existing tower sites to the east and two existing tower sites to the west of the subject property,” SBA Communications Corporation’s Zoning and Permits Manager Frederick A. Womble said on the behalf of Verizon in the conditional use permit application. “At present, there is a coverage hole between these existing sites. The proposed facility will enhance the aforementioned and existing wireless network sites and provide propagation to an area of the county that is presently underserved.”

Like the most recent tower, this site will allow room for future collocation of at least five additional wireless carriers. Also, the structure will not be required to have a light on top because it is under 200 feet tall.

“The coverage areas are converging on each other, and it looks like the central northern part of the county will have much more suitable service,” Deputy Director of Community Development Beth Lewis said.