Local 4517 delivers Thanksgiving meal

Published 11:04 am Saturday, November 28, 2015

Franklin Professional Firefighters and Medics Association Local 4517 teamed up with Social Services of Franklin to locate a family and donate a Thanksgiving dinner. The group was created in 2009 and this is the first year the members have done this, but plan to make it an annual tradition.

“Mrs. Alice Adoga of Social Services assisted us in finding the right family to help out,” said Scott Maynard of 4517.

They donated the meal to a grandmother who is caring for her three grandchildren.

The members went shopping last Friday for the dinner. They bought ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, greens, green bean casserole, rolls, corn, pies, etc.

“We bought what we thought they would want to have on the dinner table that day,” Maynard said.

He and another member of the Local, Cody Harrison, drove the fire engine over to the family’s house on Wednesday morning to deliver the meal to them. The family was overwhelmed with joy to receive the dinner and they were also very thankful that they had been chosen by the Local and Social Services.

“Being in the business of helping people every day, we see there are many people in the need of assistance,” Maynard added.

“Unfortunately, we were only able to give to one family, but we hope to make that one family’s Thanksgiving a little brighter.”