Black Friday: Is it too much?

Published 10:58 am Saturday, November 28, 2015

Every year it seems that Black Friday gets bigger and bigger. This year proved that to be true with so many businesses were open on Thanksgiving Day.

Although we can all agree that we love a good deal on a Christmas gift, several of us also agree that “Black Friday” has gotten out of hand — especially since the Friday deals now begin on Thursday.

Thanksgiving used to be the day that most people spent with their family, ate a big meal, watched football, participated in family traditions and — best of all — took a look at their lives and remembered everything they have to be thankful for. Now, when many think of Thanksgiving, their minds skip the turkey and stuffing, and moves onto the bargains that begin at 6 p.m.

Black Friday can be fun, it can be something that families enjoy together, but does anyone else think that it starts too early and that it is taking away from the real holiday?

Many Thanksgiving meals have turned into rushed ones because so many people are trying to get to the mall, the outlets, Walmart, Target, etc. Not everyone is taking the time to spend with family and enjoy the meal that took so long to prepare or carry on the family traditions that have been going on for so long.

Other people are being forced to leave their holiday celebrations early or miss them completely because they are required to work on Thanksgiving Day so the stores and sales can begin earlier.

The businesses are so hectic that shoppers stand in line for hours, websites crash because too many people are trying to get checked out online and some people end up fighting with each and getting arrested over items that are on sale.

Are the deals really that good? Is it all worth it? Or, has Black Friday become too big and Thanksgiving become too small?