Words of thanks aren’t enough

Published 10:56 am Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Every year at this time, we like to put into writing the people, thing or things we are especially thankful for each year. While we are always grateful for our readers, our friends and our families, something always seems to stick out from the crowd around Thanksgiving that we like to give a little extra gratitude for, and this year is no different.

When staff reporter Rebecca Chappell began working on her series of articles called “Behind the badge: an inside look at the professional lives of the Franklin Police,” we thought we might learn some interesting information regarding use of force training or what it’s like to spend a shift on patrol as a local police officer. We did, of course. But what we also wound up learning is how stressful, under-appreciated and dangerous a career in law enforcement really is. We also learned that, for whatever reason, each of the officers and their supervisors we met and spoke with, are incredibly passionate about their jobs and protecting the communities they serve.

How do you adequately compensate people who have dedicated their lives to public service, who literally puts their lives on the line each and every time they leave their home to start a shift? We certainly don’t do it financially, as many officers are forced to work a second job to make ends meet. Perhaps as a community we can begin by merely showing these individuals our gratitude not just for a job well done, but also for being willing to trade their own lives in order that ours are safe.

This Thanksgiving, we are especially thankful for the men and women of our local law enforcement agencies. We thank and respect you for what you do, the integrity and discipline with which you do it, and we pray that God keep each and every one of you safe this holiday season in the year ahead.